Disaster Management

Course Outlines

Disaster management encompasses a multifaceted approach to preparing for, responding to, and recovering from natural or man-made calamities. From the governmental, emergency services, and healthcare standpoint, it involves establishing protocols, infrastructure, and resources to effectively mitigate, respond to, and alleviate the impact of disasters on public health, safety, and infrastructure. This includes activities such as risk assessment, early warning systems, evacuation planning, emergency medical care, and disaster relief efforts aimed at minimizing casualties and facilitating rapid recovery. 

From an industrial and commercial perspective, disaster management involves the initial response to the medical and psychological needs of those involved, interfacing with the aforementioned governmental and emergency services, safeguarding business continuity.

Completion of all six modules is required to achieve Disaster Management Professional (DMP) Certification.

Disaster Management Professional Courses

Introduction to Disaster Management

8 Hours, F2F.

Lay the groundwork for disaster preparedness with our Introduction to Disaster Management module. Explore the key principles, historical context, and fundamental concepts that serve as the foundation for effective disaster response and recovery.

This course has no prerequisites.

Disaster Preparedness

8 Hours, F2F.

Delve into proactive measures and strategic planning in our Disaster Preparedness module. Equip yourself with the knowledge and skills necessary to develop comprehensive disaster preparedness plans, ensuring communities and organizations are resilient in the face of potential crises.

Participants must have completed Introduction to Disaster Management within the last six months.


The Incident Command System

8 Hours, F2F.

Master the art of organized response with our Incident Command System module. Learn the principles and structure of this proven system, enhancing your ability to lead and coordinate effective responses to disasters of varying scales.

Participants must have completed Disaster Preparedness within the last six months.

Crisis Communications

8 Hours, F2F.

Elevate your communication strategies during crises with our Crisis Communications in Disaster Management module. Gain insights into crafting clear, timely, and empathetic messages to keep stakeholders informed and engaged in times of adversity.

Participants must have completed The Incident Command System within the last six months.


Disaster Medicine

8 Hours, F2F.

Dive into the medical aspects of disaster response in our Disaster Medicine module. Explore specialized knowledge essential for providing effective medical care in the aftermath of disasters, ensuring the health and well-being of affected individuals.

Participants must have completed Crisis Communications within the last six months.


Disaster Management Table-Top Exercise

8 Hours, F2F.

Put your knowledge into practice with our hands-on Disaster Management Table-Top Exercise module. Engage in simulated scenarios, applying your skills in a controlled environment to enhance decision-making, teamwork, and overall preparedness for real-world disaster situations.

Participants must have completed Disaster Medicine within the last six months and all five modules within the last 24 months. Upon successful examination, participants receive certification as a Disaster Management Professional, valid for 36 months.

Commercial & Industrial Courses

Organizational Disaster Workshop

4 Hours, F2F.

Embark on a journey of proactive measures and strategic planning in our Disaster Preparedness module. This session is designed to equip you with the essential knowledge and skills required to develop robust disaster preparedness plans, bolstering the resilience of both communities and organizations against potential crises.

Participants receive a certificate of participation.