Educational Partnerships

Educational Partnerships

We empower organisations to deliver our curricula to their learners, no matter the background or application. We train and certify your staff as instructors and offer both bespoke and pre-packaged curricula that can either be delivered stand-alone or integrated with your existing programs.

For Schools

We believe that all students shoud leave high school knowing how to perform CPR and with a first aid certificate. In order to achieve this, we believe in building the foundations for this from primary school age.

We have programs suitable for students of all ages.

Colleges & Universities

Our austere, prehospital and emergency medicine programmes are suitable for integration wtih college level curricula.

Whether its for the outdoor club, medical or health faculty, or in support of general industrial and occupational health and safety, our certification programs can be delivered as part of your award, by your staff.

Vocational & Professional

Our first aid and austere medicine programmes can be integrated with your organisations curricula to ensure that your people know how to look after their team or your customers when someething goes wrong.

We support many industries that operate in wilderness, remote, hostile and other low resource environments including expedition, recreation & tourism, utilities and infrastructure, offshore oeprations, disaster response, rescue and more.

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