Become an Instructor

We offere a wide variety of courses in diverse areas including but not limited to  first aid, austere medicine, prehospital medicine and emergency medicine – and we’re adding more content all the time.

We are always eager to hear from like minded people who are passionate, have real world experience in their chosen area and would like to share their passion, knowledge and experience with others.

Lead Instructors are responsible for planning, organising and delivering our courses.

Assistant Instructors work with Lead Instructors to deliver our courses, while gaining experience and learning from our Lead Instructors.

We work with Independent Instructors who sell and deliver courses to their own clients. For Independent Instructors we provide the learning materials, curricula guidelines, certification, administration, back office, and support; allowing them to focus on what they love and do best.

Lead Instructors have solid teaching experience, diverse real world experience applying their skills, and certification or qualification in their chosen area that clearly identifies them as an undisputed expert in their field.

It is highly unusual to join AEMED as a lead instructor – unless you have recently been a lead instructor with a similar organisation. Please expect to spend some time as an assistant instructor – at the very least to learn our curriculum and become familiar with our protocols and company culture.

To apply, please fill in our application form, and we will be in touch!